The Youngstown Quintet

Donald Greco has completed four of the five stories in his masterful series called the Youngstown Quintet. The last, yet untitled, novel of the Quintet will be published within two years. 

Greco’s stories are not the kinds of novels that are currently in vogue; there are no spies, vampires, zombies, space aliens, super beings, etc.  Instead, the Quintet consists of unrelated stories that are about ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives. 

His readers are drawn into the stories by his wonderful characters and find themselves transported into the world in which the stories exist, all of them in Youngstown, Ohio, in various times of the 20th century. And yet the pages seem to turn quickly as the characters lead each other through the novels.  His natural writing style is strong yet unadorned and an easy read.  And his characters come to life in the readers‘ imaginations, sometimes seeming to jump off the pages as each story unwinds.  

And finally, there are realistic and enchanting love stories that form the backbone of each of the novels in the Quintet.

 All four current novels of the Youngstown Quintet are available, both in book form and as Kindle editions, from Amazon.  Search them on Amazon by “Donald Greco” or “The Youngstown Quintet.”

Abramo's Gift
Tommy the Quarterback
Dracaena Marginata
The Malandrine

Coming in 2021

The final Book in the series.